Friday, May 10, 2013

Beatus diem matris

Sometimes when this part of the week arrives, I feel like I've skidded into home, knees and uniform a mess, and dirt up my nose.  Another six hours in this day wouldn't have gone amiss.  I wouldn't be caught up, but things would have moved further along, which can feel just as nice as being all caught up.

Three and a half servings of Q food are cooling on the stove, awaiting coverings and the fridge.  His towels are running - extra pre-treat, bleach, etc.  The kids are all in bed, the dishwasher just stopped, the house is getting quiet.  Apart from the big fan (it was 83* here today), it's still enough that one might hear the plants growing. 

Speaking of plants, a favorite subject...  This week, a neighbor brought over a Shasta daisy to share.  It's waiting to go into the dirt, behind the Rainbow Ascot euphorbia, with it's chartreuse bracts and their little red middles, and behind the Lucifer crocosmias.  I dug the grass out of the crocosmias yesterday, much to E's delight.  She'd gone looking for them and thought them dead, their leaves blending too well with the misbegotten weed blades.  The nearby coreopsis and Strawberries and Cream yarrow are looking fluffy.  I hope the lilac is okay - no blooms this year, though the new growth looks healthy.  I think all the moving around and heat last fall gave the poor thing palpatations.

The callas are poking their noses out, and the baby hollyhocks are holding their own.  The irises (sent by a friend, all the way from her garden on the other side of the country) are budding, and promise a swoony blue, so far.  There are more buds coming up, and each one will be a new revelation.  I had a little Miracle-Gro potting soil left from a couple of summers ago, so that went onto the Pacific Giant delphiniums today.  They need fertilizing, but we haven't any, so this shall have to do.  They're making spires already, and will try for a full six feet in height by the end of the summer.  I can't wait to see them in full bloom, their little center "bees" all fuzzy gray, offsetting the deep blue violets as if they were velvet and watered silk.

In other news, we're emerging from the spring spate of Busier Than We'd Thought Possible.  In under a week, the girls had their big orchestra performances (Mendelssohn's 5th Symphony and Rutter's Requiem), and all their spring recitals.  E played viola for the first time in public, as part of her sisters' violin recital performances - quartets.  She also played a piano duet with each of her sisters, in addition to her own solo piano performance.  K also had a solo piano piece.  We've discovered the best way to beat K's pre-performance nerves: running a race the morning of the recital.  By the time she played the three violin pieces (two as second violin in quartet, one as her piece), she was loose and happy.  S played second and third violin in the quartets (in addition to her own recital piece), and couldn't have loved it more.  Still, we're all glad that particular week is done.

The punkins are all asleep, so I'm headed up myself.  Happy Mother's Day, all you lovely mamas.  Take good care of yourselves - you make the world go round.


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