Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Number one.

Number two:  These kids of mine are doing well.  I don't mean they're perfect or geniuses, or really anything related to those categories.  I mean they are becoming kind, hardworking, striving, hilarious, silly, earnest, lovely, grown-up human beings.  It's such a tough thing to describe without sounding like somebody's crazy mother, but I think this is the part, the observational bits of parenthood, where one feels one's heart swelling.

Number three:  Somehow, and the how part helps to make this extra amazing, things continue apace here - warm and dry, fed and studying.    It doesn't make logical sense that we're all motating happily forward, but we are.  It's maybe a little like adding two and two and coming up with five.  If you have a minute, stop by and I'll try to explain further.  For your trouble, we'll give you a tour of the budding backyard.

Q's better - much less gagging and no breathing treatments for two days now.  (Though I'm now holding my breath for a continued recovery...)  His personal care hours are up a tiny bit, there are prospects for some agency help, and the latest argument with insurance over prescriptions seems to be shaking out.  We shall see.  The girls had their violin recital Sunday afternoon and all did well, despite some last minute scrambling to reorganize after Q's illness.  They've had extra orchestra performance opportunities lately, so tomorrow will bring a redoubling of focus on schoolwork.

One more good thing:  I am grateful to be here.  The list of insurmountables just seems to grow - lately as though it's being fed a steady diet of Miracle Gro, Industrial Strength.   I can honestly say that I have no idea how we're going to manage the next bit of really anything.  And still.  Still!  There's so much to learn, to see, to do, to experience.  Every day presents a litany of striking opportunities for engaging with the goofy people in this house, with the amazing therapists and teachers and friend/family/pastoral types we love and interact with.  Each of those interactions spawns its own unexpected graces, opportunities, and kindnesses.  And from there?  Just wow.  I mean, there's no predicting where this stuff goes, and it leaves me daily just crazy-grateful to be here, right here, with no conditions or caveats.  I mean, I have caveats!  Serious things which need fixing!  (Come over.  Bring tools.  Yes, you.)  And still - wow, people.  Just... so, so much "wow" for which to be grateful.

Hope you're having at least a little of the same, right where you are. 


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