Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Projects, optimism, spring

I'm avoiding tasks.  Namely, sorting my gigantic stack of teacher's manuals and Q's toys and equipment.  It's that time of year - wrapping up the old, enacting plans for the new, filling boxes for Goodwill and garage sale. 

The girls did fabulously well with their spring piano recital.  They have two of the last three orchestra performances remaining, and they're pulling together the end of school year projects and testing.  Today they presented their history projects, complete with references to They Might Be Giants (medieval history requires mention of Constantinople, ergo...).  I'm so proud!  There's not much left to do before summer arrives in full force. 

The girls have been busking at a local farmer's market to earn money toward camp.  Last Sunday, they arrived to welcoming cheers and warm applause from nearby vendors who recognized them from the previous week.  They've got two more Sundays before they head off to spend time with their dad.  Once they return, I imagine we'll head out to use the same opportunity to fundraise toward new instruments, since they're all in need of a serious upgrade, and the piano's sticky pedal needs repairing.  The poor thing often sees four hours of enthusiastic use per day - it's beginning to show.

Aaand, speaking of fundraising, I'm working on a PayPal button for the blog because of Q stuff.  Surgery always brings extra expenses, and we're still catching up from all that - thus the extra fundraising for the girls.  But the big deal is equipment.  I've got stuff to purchase that will make Q's life better, easier, more fun.  Insurance won't cover the new car seat he needs, nor will it cover the jogger/biking chair.  I'm still narrowing down the car seat options, but the running/biking setup will be the Wike.  It will require modifications to make it fit, but it's half the cost (approximately $1300, total) of the other option, so we'll make it work. 

After I've figured out which PayPal hoop needs a different maneuver to finally get through, I'll post the button along with possibly more information than anyone needs on why these particular pieces of equipment.

Well, I've blown off my list long enough and need to go deliver the next dose of meds to Q's sleepy little mouth.  And then, to bed.  G'night.

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Alphabet Pam said...

$1300 less than the other option??? Holy crow, girl, what's the other option? I must know. That costs about four times as much as our first car! o_O