Friday, March 16, 2012


Hello.  I'm posting quickly, en route to bed.  Morning brings the pre-op appointment for Master Q, so the schedule will be full.  We've been sick, so energy is in short supply, mostly for me.  I think the kids have either escaped this or had lighter versions.  So far, Q hasn't shown any signs of the nasty bug.  If he's going to have it, I hope he's already exposed.  I'm sure the surgery team won't proceed if he's ill.  He's scheduled for March 22.

We're moving furniture and rearranging the house so I can get the boy's bed moved downstairs.  After the surgery and casting, Q will require two people to transfer him from place to place.  The stairs are a good workout with the young man at 42 pounds, but the cast will be heavy and unwieldy, making the stairs non-negotiable for now.  Still to be worked out: feeding and transportation, since he won't be bendable for 6-8 weeks.

I'm off.  More to follow!  Hope your March is winding down, lamb-like.  Pax.


Carolyn said...

Best wishes on the surgery! And the post-surgery. I've not dealt with a spica cast personally, but I've heard stories and met one girl who was not going to wear a dress for a YEAR once she got the critter off.

We've got an upcoming surgery, too. After school, with 3 weeks FLAT in bed afterwards. Should be interesting!

Nikki said...

Trust sweet boy is still progressing well. Been thinking and praying for you all.