Sunday, November 13, 2011


...To the meds coverage story.  I did it.  The pharmacist was surprised, and she said so, but I did it:  Q has the Prevacid prescription and it filled.  The pediatrician wrote it for "ONE YEAR," "dispense as written; patient has swallowing difficulty" and it went through.  We'll see what happens when we hit the 90-day mark and the state wants to have this conversation again. 

Next step?  To get a response from the state for the pharmacy corporate office with regards to refunding my out of pocket expenses.  Prayers over this would be appreciated.  I will get this done, too, but (whispering) I'm a little tired...  At this point, we could use that refund (we're out of eggs) and this thing needs to resolve this week because I have the next level of things to move on.  No time for lollygagging, dontcha know! 

In the meantime, I'm going to go sleep so I can be all bright-eyed and make more applesauce and apple butter tomorrow.  Ooo - maybe some pear sauce, too.  Cheap fruit = good, cheap food.  Wheee!

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