Monday, March 14, 2011


Q was having a tough time settling down.  Late phone calls.  Ensuing contemplation.  I have such a early morning coming!  (sighdespairsigh)

I other news, let's be praying for each other's families, okay?  I've witnessed some bizarre behaviors lately, and then seen other situations resolving in a fashion that can only be described as high level miracles.  In all of the cases, the kids involved are really benefiting from the steady, calm, predictable behaviors from the grown-ups who are pushing through major discomfort in order to learn new ways to do things. I have such respect for people who do those very hard things in order to achieve better things for themselves and their kids.  It's amazing to watch a process unfold like this.  A bit stunning, as well - I'm a bit gobsmacked when encountering such drastic and visible changes.  (I hear that folks engaged in such grown-up activities are also found to be unusually attractive.  So.  Bonus.)  The other version - people who are so stuck in old patterns, doing things out of a fear-based response, clinging to familiar things which make them feel safe - the situations involving these folks have become so heartrending as to be nearly unbearable to observe.  I cannot imagine the level of difficulty involved in actually living it.

So prayers for families at large are good.

And prayers for the people of Japan, of course.  We've been glad to discover that friends from church who are in Japan are alright, as well as other connected persons.  So much tragedy there, it's hard even to contemplate as an idea, much less absorb as a reality.

Three Good Things:
Everyone here is currently well.
The chocolate pudding I made for supper was delicious.
We ran twice and walked once last week.  (This is a Herculean/Sisyphean thing and my gratitude over having managed to pull it off is rather significant.)

Hope your coming week is lovely and spring-like.  XO.

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