Saturday, August 28, 2010


Equal parts of low-fat or non-fat Greek yogurt whipped with cream and a little bit of vanilla sugar makes the nicest accompaniment for nectarines and peaches.  It has a little zip, like creme fraiche, but a ton more protein and less fat and everyone loved it, right down to Q.  Tomorrow we'll be trying it with blackberries and nectarines.  Slurp.  It will be especially tasty because we will be sharing with friends and eating it all outside before and after some hikes.

Last week Q rode in his pack and just loved it.  This week we're going to try it again, for a little while, then try the chair again on the same paths where he laughed the whole mountainside (and all its grinning hikers) silly a couple of years ago.  And we'll be having a vat of homemade potato salad (inspired by the kids' exclamations of delight at their daddy's version and the fact that I haven't made potato salad in at least a couple of years now - hope they like it!), and another of this lovely combination of quinoa, black beans, corn, baby sweet peppers, cilantro, lime, sweet onion, and a splash of EVOO with salt and pepper.  Yum.  Avocado for those who want it.  Then sandwich stuff and fat, juicy tomatoes and cottage cheese, too (summer food).  And lots and lots of water to drink.

I folded four loads of laundry after the kids went to bed, maybe more like five and a half.  I've got one more load to start and then I'm for bed.  I know mamas always say that the laundry is never done (and they're right, unless the kids are nekkid and suspended in stasis), but here, with Master Q keeping us busy, busy!  It needs to keep on moving, or else it would become a hazard.  (shudder)  So down the stairs I go.

Hope you're looking forward to a sweet and restorative weekend with your favorite people.  Or person.  ;o)  And some very tasty food.  XO.

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