Saturday, April 03, 2010

Head banging

Where to begin? Q needs some expensive stuff.

The list:
A sort of mobile walker/stander/supporter thingy that allows him just enough movement so he can get into trouble (as any four year old would like to).
A potty system (he's dry over most nights) that supports him sufficiently in a good position.
A "voice" - via an augmentative communication device of some sort which is likely to be about $17,000 all by itself.

I would dearly love to also have some sort of bike trailer that converts to a good jogger/stroller. It's tough to run with Q in his Bingo - the poor thing shimmies badly on the slightest variation in a surface.

So I'll leave you to contemplate this part. There's more, but I'm tired as well as stymied so I'll be back to discuss further.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean you were head banging. I thought....was hoping for some solution to send another mother.

On the Aug Com issue - I'm reading lots of other mothers trying out apps on an iPhone. Have you considered? Here's my review on one: