Saturday, January 23, 2010


Between a psycho computer virus and many commitments, it's been a busy week. I'm glad it's moved right on. No sense lingering over K's T7 compression fracture. She was only jumping on the trampoline, nothing more than straight up and down. She's sworn off jumping forever, or at least for the next eight weeks. I'd be fine with her avoiding trampolines forever -- we'll see how that resolution holds.

A friend from church out on a humanitarian endeavor when the initial earthquake hit has finally made it back from Haiti. And another is still on the ground there, working with an orphanage to bring 130+ abandoned children whose adoptions were already in the works back to the US with her. This has been a tough week for surviving victims and their rescuers. I am so glad there are people on this planet who run full-speed toward disaster, taking their skills and whatever supplies they can find along with them. They're working miracles with the equivalent of spit and baling twine as tools. God bless them, all.

Q's Baclofen dosing is progressing. We have another week and a half before it's time to talk with the neurologist about the next stage of dosing. He's fussier in therapies (which is to say, fussy at all), tummy less settled, sleep more difficult. I wonder if he's having some subtle viral or bacterial thing, allergies, or just adjusting to the lessened tone and difficulty in compensating with new muscle. In the meantime, Q needs extra repositioning in the night. I've come to crave and yet resent bed because I'll just have to be getting up again. Silly, but there it is, sleep-deprivation at it's finest.

The kids have choir and orchestra tomorrow and I'm hauling snacks and a bazillion other things in for the group. The alarm is set, Q is finally truly out, and my freshly silvered toes (a little bottle was a Christmas present from K) will make it easier to be perky near sunrise.

We are so blessed. We have this first-world country, decent food and water, people we love within easy reach. Reach out, then, and make sure your people know they are beloved.


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Yes. Been doing a lot of that.