Saturday, November 14, 2009


I don't have much to say, really, but thought I'd check in. I have one pukey kid, who is hopefully done with that now (could actually be), and several who are feeling antsy, hoping it was a fluke and now it's done and we can move on with our big day at church come morning.

I've been thinking lately about kindness and how we experience that. About what gestures represent to us safety vs. fear, encompassing tenderness vs. shrinking inadequacy. And are those making those gestures which are received so negatively even aware that they're putting that out there? I don't have much on this subject, I don't think. It's percolating in my head. But... wherever you are, if you're leading with kindness and gentleness and thinking of those around you while doing so, you aren't likely to rack up many enemies. Sometimes it's really hard to pull this off. Like when someone has been nasty and really deserves a good set-down. But do they? Deserve anything? Well... you only get what you give. Prickly personalities tend to breed hostility, inattention to those around us tends to breed contempt. Those behaviors tend to be self-limiting, in the sense that they keep their hosts from getting as far in life as they might otherwise do. Aside from that kind of indicator, there's no way for us to know what another person is experiencing, what their global objective pain or happiness level is, if you will. And how would one go about meting out consequences or set-downs for the truly crummy? Other than legal consequences, nothing viable comes to mind.

Best to err on the side of perpetual kindness and gentleness and grace, then, I think. Sometimes that means just sitting quietly and not offering judgement. Sometimes it means extending a hand. And if the hand is slapped? Not your problem. Your obligation is simply to keep showing up, smiling when you can, with your hands open, learning while you do so.

Huh. Turns out I do have some things to say. Actually, well, I'm going to be done for now. Q's out and I need to be too, in case the evening presents any more sickies. (Pray over this, will you? Thanks.)

It has been a full and lovely week here. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the good stuff I have: mostly great kids, quite decent health, sweet and articulate people surrounding me. Sometimes it feels a little like I'm being pressed upon by angels. You know who you are. (Yes you do, don't argue.) May your weekend provide you Sabbath rest and reconnection with family, friends and Creator. May you sleep better than a baby and wake with spirit expansively renewed. You are loved. Magnificent, miraculous, you are loved.


Q updates to come

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