Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tired and, uh, goofy

If I can just keep all the balls in the air a few more days, we'll have the weekend. We've barely been home for the last several days -- field trips, therapies, family fun. Tomorrow we have music lessons for the big kids, and Q has his second day of preschool. His teacher has the sniffles, so she's not going to come in, but the school SLP will be there and we're excited -- besides being super nice, she's also one of the AAC specialists who make up the team.

Today in regular Speech therapy we learned that it will most likely be January before the swallow study is approved, so that slides to the back burner. Less to worry about, schedule-wise, though I'm so frustrated with this process that I could kick something. His next neuro appointment will coincide with that so we discussed lining up meds with function and how we would need to repeat oral testing as his function changes if he's on Baclofen.

Some things make me want to run into a cave, post a rock across the door, and hide in a nice, warm nest for a very long time. Here's my current list: thinking about possible eye surgery for Q; health issues with another kid o' mine; paperwork; daily to do lists; laundry; cooking; cleaning; juggling equipment needs with the realities of what might get paid for and what would really facilitate a little fun for the lot of us; diapers; snot; driving the crowd around for the rest of the week; keeping the various personalities happy; the parking ticket I got while we were in church...

It's not a short list. I want some real sleep, a massage, a healed-up knee, a walk/run -- intervals sound delightful, another massage, real food, a nap, a lovely bath, maybe a pedicure, some cold sparkling water, and then I'll be all set.

This is what I'll do instead: push-ups and squats tonight, then tomorrow piano, preschool, violin, school in between, then fly home and clean for visitors. Thursday we have nothing on the calendar but school and music practice, plus the usual chore type things. Friday there's two hours of therapies, then orthodontist appointments, then home again for more school and cleaning. Saturday has church, choir, potluck, then a birthday party/family reunion evening. I feel sure that something must be on the calendar for Sunday, but no. Monday has a dental appointment in the morning, then nothing but school and cookies. Okay, cookies aren't on the calendar, but they might be by the time I head to bed tonight.

In short, life is often a whirlwind of activity. I find myself cranky with it all when I've failed to properly immerse myself in it. So I'm off to do that. You, my friends, must stay here and write me algorithms for medical decision making processes. Or put up a pie chart. Or graph. Seriously, parts of this are weighing on me and I need some new way(s) of viewing it all, lest I go hide in a cave.

I'm off, boy's out. I'll do some quick strengthening stuff, being mindful of the knee, then lock myself down 'til morning. Sounds lovely, yes? Well, it is. You should see the giant boulder I'm planning to roll across the cave doorway -- quite impressive, mostly made of cheese with some quartz mixed in. Hmmm. Monty Python's suddenly rolling through my head. Wonder what that's about.

Must. sleep. now.


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Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you are blogging regularly.

Katy at BirdOntheStreet had a recent post on quality of life. You might enjoy - or just let her know that the effort multiplies somewhat with 5 children. Ahem.

Stephanie at Ralphcrew has 9 children.

My top post has a link on funding equipment. When you get time...sorry.

You don't sound goofy to me.