Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Well. About court. The end of January we go back, then. Don't know what to say about that.

Got the kids in to the pediatrician late Monday and got all of 'em listened to. G and Q have antibiotics. Hallelujah. Both are having nebs. The other night was very bad for sleep, but neither have looked like they're desaturating, so there's that anyway. I called Tuesday afternoon when K was coughing more and saying that it hurt now. She started her round before bed. E was coughing more as she headed for bed. So there's another phone call for the morning.

Now. About the sleep I'm ready to have. I somehow need to help the punkinheads to stay in their beds. I love to snuggle their soft and sweet little selves up, but actual sleep becomes somewhat difficult (for me) when there's no room in the bed for my arms. Or legs. Or head. Interesting that they sleep really well when piled up like puppies. I find myself waking constantly to make sure they all have adequate ventilation.

Between their upcoming visit and not feeling great, they're not resting very easily. I'm sure they'll have fun with dad, as always, but there's always a bit of anxiety in transitions, isn't there?

You know, as I was on my way home this evening, I was trying to remember the whirlwind of the last several days and found I couldn't place all the details in their proper spots. Perhaps it's time to place an IV for more direct delivery of caffeine.

Q got his new glasses today, S had her second round of fillings (we're cursed with "sticky plaque" here), G had OT, we had an easier time with our Spanish program (Yay! Thanks, M. And where's my IT guy? Hellooooo?), and all are sleeping hard, adequately medicated, and I'm heading off too. The light of day will bring piano and violin lessons, more carschooling while they rotate in and out of said lessons, and Q's SpEd eval. Among other things.

Sweet dreams.


PS -- Barbara. I laughed out loud at your comment. I used to refer to mine, flagrantly bragging, as my "Studly MD Hubby." You got it, flaunt it. ;o)

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