Monday, August 25, 2008


How pathetic is it that with the girls tucked in by 9:30, the little boy out by 10:30(laid down just after 11pm), and the big boy ensconced in his bed, I am now nearly giddy with anticipation of sleep?!

Q's in his own bed, even. Sure, there are cold meds involved, sure he's still a little congested, and yes, he will probably be up again, snorting snot, in a few hours and I'll get to spend another night with my approximately 30 pound sack o' snuggles draped across me on the couch/rocking chair/bed and one thousand pillows. Yes, I will be the one you spot walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because my neck will be stuck like that. But right now I'm just going to go enjoy the giddiness of the moment with my fingers stuck firmly in my ears, relishing what horizontal, unconscious denial I can get away with.

La la la...


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