Monday, October 23, 2006

Another week

We'll be having a field trip tomorrow. We're going to the water. We'll look at tidepools, get our toes wet, freeze happily. Change into warm, dry clothes. Eat warm food, drink hot chocolate, revel in the negative ions makin' us all content with ourselves. Q will nurse a lot (the sea air makes him hungry). It's his best skill.

Did I mention dithering about starting solids? I've had that gritchy mama gut thing. I started solids a little later with each of my kids, yes, but with this one I've just felt my heels digging in every time it came up. Yes, the swallow study showed no aspiration, but. . . He still gags on his tongue, uvula, extra saliva, whatever, at times he really shouldn't have any kind of problem. After discussing it with the speech therapist (following the seizure development), she said that to introduce anything new at this point could result in him rejecting it altogether. Now that's not what we want. I'm a dedicated nursing mama, but come on. Every child should get to spit pureed peaches on their mother at some point. And I'd rather not be breastfeeding exclusively when he's say, singing his ABC's. (Assuming that will happen.)

So we'll continue on for now, re-evaluate in November sometime.

The rest of the week brings both answers (I hope) and tenterhooks. Urology appointment with Q first thing Tuesday morning, court date same day, probably happening right at the same time. Funny, a number of stress tests and perinatology appointments happened while court was going on too. As always, I'm praying for cool heads, calm choices, the presence of the Holy Spirit in that room. There are a number of good people involved in this who will do their best, I am sure of it. I will roll with whatever is decided while wishing fiercely that I could make this cup pass from my children's lips. I don't know how I would do such a thing, but I feel helpless and sad for them in this. Yuck.

Speaking of which, I watched "Mean Girls" last night. I hear it's a pretty close approximation of modern high school. I'd have to say that it had a lot in common with the junior high I attended more than twenty years ago for a year and a few weeks (short enough time the second year that I don't even remember what classes I had, only that I hadn't gotten the Art class I wanted). The movie was funny, quietly scathing in it's social commentary. There was a little girl in the background in a few scenes, dancing to hideously innappropriate music. It made me think of the way so many little kids are getting handed off to pop culture for raising with nary a differing opinion offered by a parent. I think I might let my daughter see this in a few years. We'd watch it together and discuss it. I do think some of the film's premise is faulty (logically speaking), but seeing how it mirrors reality in society, it's hard to quibble with it. I recommend it, but be aware that it'll probably bring back the horrors you thought you got over a few years after you were done with high school. Now to read "Queen Bees and Wannabees" upon which I understand the movie was based.

I'd dearly love to add a blog roll to your right, over there --->, but the settings (or whatever it is) are loading weird, so there's an error on the page and I can't do anything to it. I'm going to take it as a sign from God that I'm supposed to go to bed.

Kiss those babies, nuzzle their necks--even if they're so big you have to chase 'em down and sit on 'em before they'll let you. Look past the rolling eyes and retching noises, the "MOOO-oom!!" They're secretly pleased. They might even grow up to do it to their own kids. (wink)

Sleep well. I hope things are peaceful and happy where you are.

(PS--Kate! I did get your email. The books are packed and ready to go. I just have to get to the post office. Sorry for the delay. I'm waving--would still love to share some chocolate.)

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Needleroozer said...

How old is Q now Carrie? I have to say, if it were me, I would hold off and not worrry about it for awhile.
But then again, my son was 14 months old before he was even interested in solids, and then really didn't start eating till I weaned him at 16 months.
Breast milk is probably the best thing for your little man right now.
By the by- I meant to comment on your kid photos the other day, but Blogger was acting funny for me- your kids are dear!