Monday, March 27, 2006

Late night growls and gratitude...

Q is sick again with a hacking cough. I'm hoping he'll be better in the morning or I'll be on my way to the peds office. Sigh.

This poor little guy just can't catch a break. This is his third cold and he's only eleven weeks old! The last one had him on a nebulizer with inhaled steroids. Argh.


Since I've been feeling sucker punched and whiny lately, I thought I should maybe speak a little to the good stuff.

Tonight I am grateful for.....
...healthy (most of the time), growing kids who constantly crack me up
...friends and family who hold me up in prayer constantly and prop me up just when I need it most, every time
...flannel sheets
...really good frozen pizza from Trader Joe's
...a roof and walls and heat
...a free concert for the kids at church last night. The girls loved it (we have the video), the boys not so much--G thought it was too stupid to live through, Q was a little wired by all the activity. As the sun set, it streamed through the huge stained glass window over the baptistry. The sight of all the kids bouncing around and singing at the tops of their little lungs just below the image of Christ coming again, surrounded by angels, the New Jerusalem in the background... I was crying (because music does that to me). It was beautiful, one of those moments that freezes in time.
...chocolate. Always.
...a good vacuum (Dyson ball) and floors on which to use it, even if it's when everyone is asleep because it's just been that kind of day
...a sleeping baby. He's so beautiful, I find myself holding my breath as I watch him sleep.
...ten sweet sleeping cheeks to kiss before I retire
...a good brain that (mostly) serves my well and keeps me on my toes trying to figure out it's quirks
...the drive to do this mama thing again, every day, until the kids don't need me to anymore :o)
...this blog on which to vent and reorganize
...the shower, for crying in, when I feel like I'm going to just crack in half
...good stuff to read, and more good stuff to read, an endless supply of good stuff to read
...did I mention flannel sheets? I'm going to go crawl in between them now.

I've got to have the kids out the door at 7:45 so G and E can make it to school on time. Sighing there. I can think of better ways to be using that time, especially with a sick, nursing baby and all. C'est la vie, right? Right?

Sweet dreams. And if you're still up, why? Shouldn't you be in bed at this hour? ;o)

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Roberta said...

I came across your blog from Under the Sky, from Carmon (BTB), and just wanted to tell you I will be praying for you. I have a son near in age to your little one, and my heart aches for what he must endure. I cannot imagine. Our family has experienced grief of a different kind in that our 2nd born son, born healthy, died unexpectedly from myocarditis. Like you said in one of your posts people will wonder how you can "do it"...purely by God's amazing grace...but I know it is still so hard. You, your little one, and family will be in my prayers.
Roberta (another NW-erner, who is indeed up too late! :))